Core Team

The core team is comprised of dedicated experts in their fields, including top film producers and marketing agencies, as well as global development coordinators.​



Ian brings 20+ years of successfully applying his sales and business networking expertise toward the establishment of transformative projects. His most memorable achievement is having brought Mother Teresa to Canada for the first time and spent four unforgettable days with her. Ian is a mentor and life coach to many. He is presently establishing a parent project to ONE Better World Collective – EnSaTerra, a sustainability-focused incubator.

Ian is the president of Elite Vision Communications, an artist and event management company through which he organizes national film and music tours. As the co-founder of a national NGO in support of Indigenous peoples, he also works directly with over 90 First Nations and Inuit communities.

Josee Lusignan

Director of Communications

Josée is a voice for relevant and practical community transformation. She is a communications strategist, founder of the national NGO I Love First Peoples through which she engages celebrities in the work of reconciliation, founder of Good4.Global, a platform that equips consumers and SMEs to advance conscious capitalism and the UN SDGs, and co-founder of ONE Better World Collective, a nonprofit that puts mindfulness at the heart of the global shift toward sustainability. Josée is driven by an unshakable belief in the power of the individual to bring about a more sustainable world where there is equal opportunity for all

Manaëlle Perchet

Director of Community Development in – Europe

Manaëlle is a matchmaker in her field and our Director of Community Development in Belgium. Her personal and professional journey began very young before heading to Agile and Digital Transformations as Agile Culture Coach to support various international teams, startups and companies on their road to continuous improvement, adaptation & success. Convinced that change will come together or will never be, she founded WeImpact, a “hybrid Corporate Social Responsibility” of Wemanity, dedicated to support NGOs in their Organisational, Cultural and Technical Transformation, providing them with the same chances of success as big corporates, and empowering her colleagues to do their bit toward the 17 SDGs through multiple social and environmental initiatives.

She hardly takes no for an answer, and has a passion to change the world by encouraging and establishing effective innovative solutions for the business world and by fostering collaboration with likeminded people and organizations.

Her motto is “Be the change you wish to see in the world” Gandhi

Isabelle Anouk Bourduas

Executive Producer

Isabelle has been a television and film executive for the last 20 years. She has financed, developed and produced content for international broadcast, her series having been broadcasted on France5, FIVE, A&E, Comedy Network and ABC in Australia. She was the director of international production and executive producer at ZONE3, and also ran the co-production unit at Cineflix for 5 years, acting also as head of productions, supervising international co-pros such as Mayday and Zero Hour. She currently heads Wonderland Pictures, producing a feature film and writing a book.

Francis Coral-Mellon,

Director of Social Innovation

As a documentary filmmaker, cinematographer and passionate social entrepreneur, Francis has lived all over the world and believes that together, empathy and innovation can transform humanity. With over 1 billion views online, and films on ESPN, Netflix and CBC, he is skilled in all areas of film, video and live broadcasting. Six years ago, he pivoted to the start-up technology field as founder of the and  platforms. Francis now focuses on applying technology for the enhancement of humanitarian work.

Nicholas Courchesne

Director of Development

Nicholas is a relationship activator with expertise in business development in over 20 countries. He brings boundless energy and vision to businesses and ventures, transforming them into esteemed national and global brands. As former VP to one of the world’s largest weight-loss companies, he launched the national brand into heights of international success. To this day, he considers his greatest achievement to be The Ideal Way Association, a charity he co-founded, which invests in the hearts and minds of children who live in poverty so they may access the resources they need and grow to unleash their full potential.

Dines Anandavel (Dinesh)

Director of User Experience

Dinesh lives in Ottawa, Canada. He is an extremely talented designer, developer, and handyman. He enjoys problem solving and bringing people together for positive change.

Dinesh is an advocate of everyone doing a little something special for someone else to demonstrate that they care and that we all can make a better world together. He is demonstrating this by launching a Van Life trial run to bring visibility to the “Bottom Up Project” where everyone locally and Nationally can be a part of a unique platform that focuses on the most needy and sometimes overlooked and neglected people in our own communities and then providing them with tangible solutions where everyone can participate and make a difference in someone’s life.

Tolulope Aina

Director of Community Development in
West and Central Africa

Tolulope brings a wealth of expertise in community development having worked with young professionals across 23 countries in Africa.
She is passionate about driving transformative change in Africa, particularly in the field of Agriculture through sustainable projects for Youth, Women and farmers by providing extension and Advisory support services, Digital education, Advocacy and various project based methodologies to help fulfill the mandate of the UN’s SDGsShe is an Agricultural enthusiast, entrepreneur, agribusiness consultant, Advocacy Champion, who in Nigeria has launched, implemented and supervised diverse agricultural projects among many crop and livestock value chain activities.Tolulope is the founder of Tolulope Foods and Farms, a social enterprise and nutrition based company focused on curbing the malnutrition challenges faced in Nigeria and  in Africa by offering  staple foods production solutions. She is also the Project lead at Agrolearn, a digital Agricultural education platform charged with the mandate to bridge the skill set gap of enthusiasts and professionals in the field of Agriculture.

Iza Dela Vega

Director of Community Development

Iza is an aspiring physician and public health professional who is passionate about global health, human rights advocacy and sustainable development. Having been involved with organisations such as the United Nations Association of Somalia, WISE (WASH in Southeast Asia), and the Australian Cancer and Health Sciences Competition, she is a resourceful collaborator and innovator in the community development sector. Iza is a firm believer that mindfulness and holistic wellness play a crucial role in empowering ourselves and our communities to create the change we want to see in the world.

Sandy Lee

Director of Executive Affairs & Partnerships

Sandy is the Head of Innovation for Mediaplanet a global media company specializing in content marketing. She is a passionate advocate for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Effective Altruism. Sandy is a visionary leader in building new growth and development for organizations. She has a proven track record in strong business development, sales, multi-stakeholder management with excellent interpersonal, influence and negotiation skills. Sandy brings experience to us in the fundraising and events management spaces as well. Her Mission is to inspire and create positive changes in the hearts and minds of everyone everywhere.


Sophie Wisbrun-Overakker


Sophie is the CEO & Founder of Doing Business Doing Good that empowers conscious leaders & their organizations to transform on Purpose to accelerate change to a better, more sustainable, world

Steve Carlson


Steven is the head of Partnerships for Youth Climate Leaders. He holds an MBA from the University of São Paulo and was a member of the founding team of one of Brazil’s most successful international education startups (Campusb). As an experienced communicator, he has a proven track record of successfully engaging and managing multiple stakeholders to promote the capacity and longevity of projects and organizations. 

Renahan Gil


Renahan is helping to create a paradigm shift in the way the world thinks about peace. He is a Strategic Business Consultant & Project Manager for Private and Public Sectors , an Advisor for Small Businesses, for Policy Makers, is a Social Entrepreneurship Educator, a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Practitioner and Advisor on Human Rights and an expert in CSR and Sustainability.

Marie-Claire Graf

Youth Advisor

Marie-Claire Graf is a Swiss based youth advocate, global change maker and guest speaker for just sustainable development and ambitious climate action. She was initiating and is leading several associations and movements in the fields of climate action, sustainable development, youth and women empowerment and education and is committed that for a systems change we need a shift in values and mindset.

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